About Us

Proteco is an Italian company established in 1993 by a group of experienced Engineers with the aim to be forerunners of new technological processes for the production of electric cables. 

Since the last 15 years Proteco started to produce machines for the Continuously Transposed Cables, CTC. The immediate success of these machines prompted the company to expand its activities by including the whole chain of machines for CTC. 

In this field Proteco has introduced innovative ideas, supported by numerous patents, which led it to be the technological leader in this industry. These technologies enabled customers to improve quality and productivity and quickly emerge on competitors. 

Most of the activity of Proteco is now concentrated on R&D for the creation of new machines and products. Among these, special mention has to be reserved to the VCTC, an innovative, highly efficient cable for high power transformers. 

The Company is located in Cossato, a town in the North-Western side of Italy. 

More than 40 installations of machines or complete lines have been realized so far in many industrialized countries around the world. 

Recently Proteco has also extended its activity to the production of lines for tape covering single and multiple strips. 

We, the Proteco Team, are very proud to invest on and bring everywhere the best of the Italian Excellence.