Taping Lines

Taping Lines Mono, Twin, Quad

Proteco offers a range of machines for covering single or multiple strips with many types of tape.

The typical machines for such lines are:

• Pay-offs for bobbins up to 1000 mm diameter; self traversing on rails. In case of small strips the unwinding can motorized, controlled by a dancer

• Taping machines for 4 tangential pads, in single or double configuration

• Taping machines for 8 radial pads

• Caterpillar pulling unit, with different pulling force, depending on the configuration of the line model TC600

• Take-up, self traversing type, for bobbins up to 2000 mm diameter, 5 tons

• Electrical Equipment for the whole system; each machine is individually motorized

The different combination in quantity and distribution of the above machines offers the possibility of producing lines for mono, twin or quad strips.

The taping lines can be equipped with additional assemblies for straightening with rollers and cleaning with brushes the strips.

The range of the strips can vary from 1 to 5 for the thickness and 4 to 20 for the width. Of course any other measure can be taken into consideration.

The linear speed is up to 30 m/minute.

More detailed specification will be presented in case of request.

Taping Lines


Taping Lines

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Taping Lines

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Taping Lines

Taping Units

Taping Lines

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Taping Lines